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This is a lesson for the beginner Country Finger Style guitarist. A couple things to keep in mind technique wise… 1. Palm mute your bass notes! It is very important that those do not ring out, or it sounds sloppy and overpowers your melody notes. 2. What fingers you pick with isn’t as important as picking the strings. I use my middle and ring fingers mainly, but that’s what works for me. Some very famous players only use their first finger and that’s it. 3. It helps greatly to hear the song in your head while you play it. Hum out loud if that helps. 4. TAP YOUR FOOT. Obviously, rhythm is essential to playing this style (and most other styles of music as well). You are your own bass player, rhythm guitarist, and lead guitarist. It’s very important to not lose the beat. 5. You can play this style in a straight beat, or a swing beat. What you do is up to you and the sound of the song. 6. Keep up with your finger nails. They have a lot to do with your tone while playing. Some of the names I mentioned in the video: Chet Atkins, Merle Travis, Reverend Gary Davis, Mississippi John Hurt, Fred Kelly Guitar Picks. Also check out Scotty Moore (Elvis’ Sun Records recordings) for an idea of Rockabilly Travis Picking. I recorded this with a Gretsch G6120 through a PODxt. If you have any questions, please post on this video or send me a PM. Thanks for watching. Check out my other videos and feel free to subscribe!

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